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Kaprije is one of the largest island of the Sibenik archipelago. On the island Kaprije there is settlement, which is the only settlement on the island, with some one hundred of its inhabitants. Place Kaprije has everything needed for a normal life, clinic, store, post office and other facilities, and did not wonder what is the constant destination of many boaters who come here on holiday, local cuisine in local restaurants, and for them the most - a safe bay with crystal clean water. Kaprije the boat attached to a Šibenik some 45 minutes of sailing and Žirje about 20 minutes, so that our island can always visit, and these two beautiful sites, of which, especially in the Sibenik because their cultural heritage. How is the island Kaprije cars disabled access, a place Kaprije is one of the few oasis completely clean the air as the rest taken prisoner in the past, far from the modern world. This is a favor to Kaprije come primarily those tourists and holiday makers who want a just such a site, where there is no city noise or any kind of interference, and where everything is holiday. Kaprije is najposebnije by its inhabitants who are always out there on the waterfront, whether you catch fish, walks and enjoy the beautiful summer evenings, or just simply sitting and resting in the shade. As the island Kaprije large, and mostly uninhabited, there are many natural activities, which is surely the most alluring of discovering hidden coves and enjoy the privacy, peace and tranquility. When darkness falls then all the locals enjoy the island Kaprij in a real authentic island nights, with many island aktinostima, of which the most famous and everybody loved, playing on Balota, and drinking wine with good fish and singing in restaurants with fresh food is always saved in a way it's done for generations in the famous Dalmatian cuisine. Kaprije is an island that is perfect for rest and relaxation, because with all the above features to simply impossible to avoid.